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    The Atman or Atma (IAST: Ātmā, sanskrit: आत्म‍ ) is a philosophical term used within Hinduism and Vedanta to identify the soul. It is one's true self (hence generally translated into English as 'Self') beyond identification with the phenomenal reality of worldly existence.
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    By heather | August 18, 2014

    It occurred to me this weekend that I am not very good at balancing. Work life balance has always been a buzzword at most of the companies I’ve worked for, but I think to find a work-life balance you need to be able to seamlessly transition between the different segments in your life.

    It sounds pretty obvious – when you’re at work you focus on work, at home you focus on family and personal stuff – and you try to balance the amount you spend on each to a degree that is comfortable and necessary.

    But what if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t transition well?

    I don’t transition well. I generally am very organized and have a hard time switching between tasks. If I left something undone at work, it’s hard for me to fully focus on home stuff. Or I’m doing it, but I’m cranky about it, not for any real reason just that constant availability seems to be the cultural norm and I feel lacking if I’m not instantly responding. This is an internal pressure that I put on myself. Non-organization makes me irritated.

    On the yoga practice side, I’ve been struggling with handstand for what seems like years now. Of course, practicing it only every once in a while isn’t going to move things along very quickly, so there’s that. For the last few months I’ve been practicing nearly every day, and so was starting to feel frustrated that it wasn’t better. I have a happy kick-up and hold using a wall, but when I try away from a wall my brain shuts down and I kick like a donkey with no upward progress. Fear-based, because I’m so used to having the wall to catch me.

    I decided yesterday that I was going to practice on the edge of the pool. No wall to catch me, but in theory less chance of an injury falling into water. I’ve been thinking about this all summer and finally set aside excuses (don’t want to get my hair wet, don’t want to give the kids any ideas, just don’t want to…) and I did it. What I learned from this is that I’m not that much better at handstand without the wall but more importantly – I KNOW HOW TO FALL. I’ve always known that instead of flopping over onto your head, you are supposed to just fall out to the side like an awkward cartwheel. And I did. Instinctually.

    There is a metaphor in here somewhere.

    Back to balancing. Always a work in progress, and sometimes falling but usually the fall isn’t the worst case scenario.

    I was talking about this with a friend and how I think work-life balance is only a valid solution for those who transition completely and without anxiety on short notice. She suggested that instead of a balance – answering an email while cooking dinner – that compartmentalizing could be the thing that saves my sanity. Literally opening and closing file cabinets in my mind or having a physical cue that signals the end of one and the beginning of another. I like this idea, just now need to figure out how to do it in a way that works.

    The somewhat obvious revelation about my reaction to transition came to me last night after all those handstands that I fell out of. Yet another reason to keep striving for balance, at least in the literal sense.

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    By heather | June 17, 2013

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    when I grow up

    By heather | May 7, 2013

    Job titles I would like to have:

    Anatomy guru – just saw this posted on a yoga studio’s website
    Raw food chef – perhaps not all the time
    Naturopath – interesting
    Jewelry designer – I need a creative outlet
    Seamstress – I have no skills to do this
    Blogger – I could do this except then I’d have to post more than once a year
    Kids Yoga Teacher – I need to have more fun at work
    Health Coach – am seriously considering this one
    Small Business Owner – the question is, what business?
    Financial Planner – because I am totally nosy. However, I don’t understand insurance, so that could be a drawback.
    Professional SUPer – definitely need more practice for this one

    Notice what is not on here: government contractor. I’m not really feeling that one lately.

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    summer bucket list 2012

    By heather | May 7, 2012

    1. Painting at Peninsula Fine Arts Center
    2. Outdoor kids yoga
    3. Pottery painting
    4. Catching fireflies
    5. Eating watermelon
    6. Picking blueberries
    7. Visiting the farmer’s market
    8. Raising butterflys
    9. Feeding the birds
    10. Seeing the Dinosaurs at the VLM
    11. Free bowling!
    12. Crafting from Pinterest
    13. Vacation at the beach




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