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    By heather | January 29, 2008

    Last night was girl’s night out. I also had a girl’s night on Saturday where I went to a movie and spent my first night ever away from Alex. Tonight will again be a girl’s night having dinner with a friend from the gym. So let’s recap all this girlishness.

    Saturday I saw 27 Dresses. As movies go, you really can’t get much more girly than that, unless you include a mama, grandmama, and a lengthy illness along with all the weddings and unrequited love so really Brett should be THANKING me for not making him go see it.

    I was astonished to discover that since the last time I saw a movie the price has gone up to NINE DOLLARS. Wasn’t it like $7.50 last time I checked? And that’s just here in the armpit of Virginia, how much is it in big cities?

    After the movie, we went back to my friend KO’s house to play the Wii. I got a little carried away creating my Wii character and gave her short, spiky mama-in-a-mid-life-crisis hair and large intellectual glasses. Let’s call my alter ego Holly. KO’s boyfriend thought it was hilarious when I argued that Holly also needed gigantic pregnancy boobs and couldn’t understand why the Wii didn’t give me the option.

    “It’s a family game”, he argued.

    Whatever. I think I want a Wii. I don’t believe Best Buy, Circuit City, Game Stop, Target, Walmart and every other store I’ve checked that tells me they are out of stock. Christmas is over for pete’s sake. All the upper middle class children who were promised a Wii under the tree (hee hee, rhyming) have been disappointed and are over it by now so there should be plenty of these stupid things. Right?

    Saturday girl’s night culminated in staying up too late (holy geez I made it to midnight! mostly because I couldn’t figure out a way to Wii bowl without getting off the couch) and a big IHOP blueberry pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

    Monday night girl’s night was BIG eating. Good. But heavy. We did a good job being moms out on the town without talking about only mom stuff and baby stuff. I wore my glasses so I could feel a little like Holly. And since I went to bed 3 hours late, Alex was obligated this morning to wake up 2 hours early but only 15 minutes before Brett was getting up, which required me to do something about it. See how it all equals out?

    Before I left last night, I got a text from my friend Stacey to see if I wanted to go for a traditional Tuesday night post-yoga-workout beer and pizza fest. You didn’t know that was traditional after-yoga fare? I would have said no because of all the other girl’s nights, but Brett saw who the text was from first and seemed happy, encouraging even, to have me go.

    The end result of all these girl’s nights (besides racking up fun and calories) is that I’ve racked up quite a debt. A debt that will be extracted in the form of golfing and poker nights, i.e guy’s nights.

    Oh yes, I realize it even as I’m eating my way through another stack of something and giggling about nothing. And in some corner of Brett’s mind, he realizes it too. Mental scorecards, my friends…we all have them.

    Now for the big question, and I don’t think I can ask my investment advisor and so I shall turn to the internet.

    How many girl’s nights does it take to equal a weekend of fantasy football draft 3 weeks after the birth of your second child? Especially if wife’s mother will be there to help?

    Is there accrual or compounding rates if Alex refused to nap the entire day or was up three times the night that one person was out?

    I say we just take the dry erase board on the fridge that we used to use for tracking feedings and diaper changes and get the scoreboard up on the fridge and out of our heads. Otherwise, payback could be a bitch.

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    2 Responses to “scoreboard”

    1. if i were a betting type | finding atman Says:
      March 12th, 2008 at 8:58 am

      [...] scoreboard [...]

    2. jen Says:
      March 13th, 2008 at 12:01 am

      i’m sorry i hadn’t quite yet met you. i love this post. I pick 11. 11 nights out.

      jen’s last blog post..back to school


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